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Feng Shui - Quick Info
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science which examines the natural and built environment and has been practiced for thousands of years.
This environment can be at the office, in your home, in a building, or on a real property.
It is a blend of Architecture, Interior Design, Chinese mathematics and common sense.
Feng Shui analysis examines the surrounding environment, the building, how the people interact with the building and looks at time-related factors. Based upon these concepts, many recommendations can be made on how to improve your relationship with the living environment around you.

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Medium Size Fans

Picture Fans Medium Size
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hand-painted picture fans
Our Picture Fans will serve to brighten your day and bring good luck and happiness into your life.
With these beautiful fans hanging on the walls of your home or office, you will gain a happy and tranquil atmosphere........
These Fans are hand-painted by artists in the North of Thailand.
They are crafted on a synthetic-silk fabric and mounted on bamboo struts.
When opened the base diameter measures approximately:
Standard Base Size @ 1 metre (40 inches)

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